Good Afternoon, this is Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey of the ministry of Uncovered No More.

I am beginning a web blog in loving memory of my brother for only one reason: I will never be believed about his and my miraculous life story by my coffey family.

I forgive them. To be clear, privately, I have been called a liar. I have had many things said to me over the years that were not truth, but the people were suffering who said them, and that means…..that they are innocent. So I switched on this web blog because everyone knows my brother died.

And that is that.

There is a river……..

Now down to business. I know that my brother in the heavenlies is ARCAngel Mikeal of TRIBE JUDAH AS THE KING OF kings.

So what I deem His work with my ARCAngel TARA ministry, I will place here. That means at this time and in this place that two books I am reviewing must come post-haste. So the very next article, I will link from my main blog uncoverednomore.blog; the articles associated with the first book.

I will then lead into the other book easily enough. I have also been coloring a certain #MEGAMUNDEN coloring book, and I will feature the artwork and interpret it TARA’s way WAY (in the New Jerusalem).

Sincerely, I hope you understand our story someday, my LUV LIFE on this Earth.